Outdoor Yoga
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The lush green space, the chirping birds, the silhouette of the trees, the earth that hold us together...
We yearn to bring peace and awareness to its original ground...where we find our body, heart and spirit most connected to...where we first belong.
Having practised and conducted yoga and mediation session indoor in a four tall walls with a man-made ceiling and electronic operated circulator (fan, air-con etc), it is perhaps time to connect fully in the wide open space where all forms of sensory integration connects us deeper within.
We introduce a specific routine and healthy regime that focus on "mental, physical and emotional" aspects in our search for a balanced well-being and space in us. Join us in this peaceful, yet organic way to connect within and with the real "earth" out there.
Breathe.Visualise.Move. with us under the pure blue sky, along with dancing wind and above the embracing wide earth.